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John Miller, Softletter100

John Miller, Softletter100

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Rick Chapman

AWS Outage opens doors for competitors

Amazon’s cloud service down time , the widespread outage has major impacts on services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has had an outage, that despite all the redundancy plans, impacting many websites and other parts of the Internet.

The outage was global , and according to the, lasted for hours until peaking in the early evening, although many users experienced on-going problems

Restored but damage is done

This will result in damage to AWS reputation and as market leaders and open the door for competitors to offer alternative DR options in hybrid cloud solutions. SaaS and Cloud vendors are also assessing the potential impact and is a wake up call for the whole sector.

“We have restored all traffic to Kinesis Data Streams via all endpoints and it is now operating normally. We have also resolved the error rates invoking CloudWatch APIs,” reads an update on the AWS Service Health Dashboard.

“We continue to work towards full recovery for IoT SiteWise and details of the service status is below. All other services are operating normally,” it added. Services impacted included many “mission critical” B2B and B2C such as the much promoted Ring.

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