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Cracking the Global Market – for UK Small and Mid Sized ISVs

As part of our ongoing series of webinars in partnership with Pulsant aimed at senior executives from small and medium sized UK ISVs, we have been asking our attendees their views on a number of strategic topics including:

  • What % of your total revenues today are from outside the UK market?
  • What is your current Route to Market Mix?
  • What are your main concerns in delivering your Cloud or SaaS solution on the web globally?

And this is how they responded…

Results from Poll Question 1:

delta pulsant webinar - poll 1

A surprisingly high percentage of international revenue being achieved by UK Small and Mid Sized ISVs, if this representative of the whole community then UK ISVs have a good platform for global growth!

Certainly figures from leading markets such as China show strong post pandemic growth ( Alibaba just reported Y on Y cloud customer growth of 45% and GDP still growing at 4.9%).

In the US markets have bounced back post the election too and the promise of a UK trade deal is brighter so all in all a better time in 2021  for UK ISVs to expand their international revenues.

Results from Poll Question 2:

delta pulsant webinar - poll 2

The majority of UK ISVs are employing a mainly direct sales model. This may reflect the historic nature of these companies formation and initial local market focus. The Route to Market mix was set for most prior to the pandemic impact on travel.

In the latest Softletter100 poll of the worlds leading Cloud and SaaS companies more than 58% used Partner channels and this was an accelerating trend from the previous years driven by pressure to reduce the Cost of Sales.

Equally SaaS start ups, such as those listed on the Forbes 100 investment list, all lead with Digital and Partner channels mix.

Results from Poll Question 3:

delta pulsant webinar - poll 3

This poll of Small and Medium sized UK ISVs reveals somewhat surprisingly that cost is not their main concern (14%) in the delivery of their Cloud or SaaS solutions globally. The number 1 concern was on performance covering speed, relability and latency (57%)

During the webinar the paramount need to enusre a good customer experience (CX) and minimimse churn ( keeping to less than the critical  5% as per the latest Softletter100 research)  were emphasied reflecting these poll results

Security mentioned by 29% is clearly also an ongoing concern and this will be one of the topics scheduled in the next webinar in this series

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