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The Softletter100 system puts the power of hard financial data and advanced visual dashboard technology at your fingertips to enable you to meet critical performance benchmarks and goals.

Softletter100 data comes from two primary sources. The first is US SEC 10-K data extracted from 100+ publicly owned software and SaaS market leaders. These companies are broken into 15 different industry sectors, providing your company with the opportunity to view industry trends in the aggregate while also focusing in one companies with whom you compete and/or track. To find out more about the Softletter SaaS 100, Click on this Link.

Key metrics you’ll be to analyze include:

  • Revenue per Employee
  • Operating Income per Employee
  • Cost of Sales
  • Sales and Marketing as a percentage of revenue
  • Research and Development as a  percentage of revenue

And much more. To read more about Key Financial Metrics, Click on this Link.

The second is our ongoing SaaS surveys. Since 2006, Softletter has sponsored the most comprehensive SaaS surveys and studies available in the industry. Our surveys cover vital topics such as:

  • Subscriber retention and resubscription rates
  • SaaS channel development and expansion
  • Direct vs. telesales and remote sales models and closing techniques
  • Leveraging the power of SaaS communities of customers to strengthen your sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

This only scratches the surface. And because our surveys drill down into company size, market, and type of companies targeted, your subscription will empower you with a wealth of invaluable data you need to plan your marketing and growth strategies.

Who Should Subscribe to Softletter100?

CEOs who need instant access to the latest results and metrics from their competitors and contemporaries.

CFOs who need accurate data to provide financial projections and reports to the CEO and the board.

Sales VPs and heads of marketing who need to compare metrics such as Cost of Sales and Sales and Marketing against their competiton and the market.

Small- and medium-sized companies who want to know how market leaders build budgets, sales, and long-term growth. For example, are you aware that most high-tech “branding” campaigns are complete waste of your precious start up dollars?  Do you know how successful companies allocate their S&M expenditures? It’s part of what we cover regularly on Softletter100.

Channel and partner development is becoming an increasingly important factor in cloud revenue growth. The Softletter100 is a vital source of information on this growing trend.

Other Features and Reasons to Subscribe

Business Metrics

The Softletter100 covers core financial metrics generated by the industry's top 100 SaaS and mobile firms. Key metrics include revenue per employee, operating income, R&D, and many more.

Compensation Info

Softletter100 custom team subscribers will be able to inspect executive compensation on the Softletter100 core companies. Titles surveyed include CEO, CFO, and CTO, as well as other key CxO positions.


SaaS Publications

Softletter100 publishes books and reports that dig into SaaS channels, best practices in sales compensation, agile development, digital marketing and much more, available at deep discounts.

Virtual Events

Upcoming events include a webinar analyzing our most recent 10K-metrics, results from our channel surveys, and other reports and studies. We also provide links to a range of topical webinar recordings

Surveys and Polls

Softletter100 is constantly running surveys and polls that provide ongoing insight into growth trends and industry movements. Our current survey analyzes SaaS alternate and VAR channel developments.

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