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The Softletter100 provides you and your management team with latest official results and  financial metrics from hundreds of leading Cloud, SaaS and mobile companies, enabling you to quickly compare your company’s revenue and growth performance against the industry and your competition. New cohorts are added as the industry grows and changes.

The foundation of our information is US SEC 10-K data extracted from 100 market leaders  and expertly analyzed.

Importantly most of these metrics are ratios so a direct comparison is valid irrespective of your size. The results have also been conveniently divided into 10 cohorts so that you can also compare more accurately with your peers.

The combination of the metric results and the expert analysis and reports enables you to take estimates and guess work out of your ongoing budget and plans  and focus on where and how you need to improve your business.


Business Metrics

The Softletter100 covers core financial metrics generated by the industry's top 100 SaaS and mobile firms. Key metrics include revenue per employee, operating income, R&D, and many more.

Critical Analyses

Your Softletter100 subscription provides you with up-to-date analyses and articles on the latest business trends, sales and marketing trends and technology movements

Compensation Info

Softletter100 custom team subscribers will be able to inspect executive compensation on the Softletter100 core companies. Titles surveyed include CEO, CFO, and CTO, as well as other key CxO positions.

SaaS Publications

Softletter publishes books and reports that dig into SaaS channels, best practices in sales compensation, agile development, digital marketing and much more, available at deep discounts

Virtual Events

Upcoming events include a webinar analyzing our most recent 10K-metrics, results from our channel surveys, and other reports and studies. We also provide links to a range of topical webinar recordings

Surveys and Polls

Softletter100 is constantly running surveys and polls that provide ongoing insight into growth trends and industry movements. Our current survey analyzes SaaS alternate and VAR channel developments.

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The Softletter100

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What Our Clients Say

"The metrics supplied by Softletter have given me a real insight and taken away guesswork in building cloud sales channels"
Dale Bagnell
Cloud Channel Consultant

Who does it help?

CEOs need instant access to the latest results and metrics from their competitors and contemporaries both in their market cohort and cross industry

CFO need accurate and reliable data to make comparisons with their internal corporate performance with direct competitors and cross industry trends

 Sales VPs and head of marketing need to know what is their Cost of Sales, how much is being spent on Sales and Marketing and how this compares both to direct competitors and to other market sectors

Small and medium sized companies need to know how the market leaders are performing and how they are spending their budgets. The results are displayed as ratios so irrespective of company size they provide a valuable benchmark

Many Partners rely on their vendors for help and support in developing business plans. The understanding of key financial ratios and the use of benchmark metrics will help them  create realistic plans and help you achieve them

Softletter100’s founders are Softletter and Delta Channel Services

Softletter has been analyzing key software business since 1984. Softletter released the industry’s first metrics analysis of the resurgent SaaS model in 2006. In 2007, Softletter hosted the industry’s first dedicated SaaS conference in San Jose. In 2008, the company launched its SaaS University series in 2008 and has held conferences  in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Delta are celebrating their 25th anniversary of servicing companies with sales channel growth services including consulting, training and channel management apps, ranging from SaaS start up to blue chips who are making the transition to Cloud and SaaS based solutions such as SAP,IBM, Oracle and Siemens. Based in the UK with operations in the USA, India and Australia.