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Cloud Company Metrics for Cloud Company Growth

Who Are We

Softletter100 brings together the leading metrics and experts on Cloud and SaaS business growth

Our Mission

To bring you accurate, U.S. SEC based data and the latest cloud company metrics to help your cloud company grow 

What We Do

We research, validate, compile, analyse, scrutinize and report on the latest cloud company metrics


Our 6-D Process


The best and most accurate and verifiable metric sources. Based on US SEC 10K data you can trust,  backed up by analysis.



The key metrics you need to track, including revenue growth rates, profitability, revenue per employee, cost of sales, sales and marketing expenditures, and more.


An easy-to-use growth and revenue journey by tracking companies and  cohorts metrics that assist you in understanding your market and competition.


Deep insights based on these metrics provided by our impartial industry leading analysts and commentators.



All the metrics, analysis, commentary on an easy to use anytime, anywhere, any device portal.


To you and your team a cost-effective subscription service and metrics dashboard.

Meet the team


Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman

Rick is CEO of Softletter, the worlds leading source of metrics, analysis and educational cloud and SaaS assets. Softletter have been publishing for the last decade.


John Miller

John is CEO of Delta Channel Services, one of the world’s leading cloud channel consulting and services company founded in 1995.

Technical Editor

Rujuta Bapat

Rujuta is CEO of Olive  a boutique company providing services to cloud companies with a  multi disciplinary approach to Enterprise Applications Development, Mobile Apps, Portals & E Commerce & GUI Life cycle.

Digital Marketing Manager

Shonagh Woods

Shonagh has more than 20 years experience of enterprise B2B marketing with a particular focus on social media and technical & digital marketing.

Our History

Softletter has been analyzing key software business since 1984. Softletter released the industry’s first metrics analysis of the resurgent SaaS model in 2006. In 2007, Softletter hosted the industry’s first dedicated SaaS conference in San Jose. In 2008, the company launched its SaaS University series in 2008 and has held conferences  in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Delta are celebrating their 25th anniversary of servicing companies with sales channel growth services including consulting, training and channel management apps, ranging from SaaS start up to blue chips who are making the transition to Cloud and SaaS based solutions such as SAP,IBM, Oracle and Siemens. Based in the UK with operations in the USA, India and Australia.

The Softletter100 Companies

Big Eight

Analytics and Big Data

Cloud Infrastructure

Ecommerce amp & Infrastructure Support


Mobile B2B

Mobile B2C

On Premise


SaaS B2C Verticals

SaaS Enterprise

SaaS Sales and Marketing

Social Networking

Transition to SaaS