Softletter100 Surveys

John Miller, Softletter100

John Miller, Softletter100

John is a channel guru,having spent 30 years building, managing and consulting on channels to the worlds leading IT companies in over 40 countries

Rick Chapman

Rick Chapman

Rick is Editor in Chief of Softletter and has been the industry leading commentator on SaaS market development for the last decade

Alternate Channels Survey

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The Softletter100 alternative Channel survey will give you a detailed insight to the latest trends and channel practices

Alternative channels were anyway becoming increasingly popular with Cloud and SaaS companies, with the recent market upheaval changes are happening now more quickly!

Your data will be anonymous and we will share with you the all results so you can see how you compare to other similar SaaS companies!

Alternate Channels SaaS Survey

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    An affiliate label program allows other companies  to resell your software, usually from a link on your website. 
    An aggregator assembles a laundry list of SaaS applications forresale to their customer base
    In an OEM  sale, your product is directly incorporated into another  application. Your product's core functionality can be altered  to meet the OEM purchaser's requirements and your  corporate and brand identity, with the exception of licensing  information, set aside in favor of those of the OEM customer's
    (A  distributor, such as Ingram or TechData, normally resells your  product in turn to its resellers.
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