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The Softletter SaaS Report is primarily based on the Softletter SaaS Surveys, supplemented by other sources. The purpose of the surveys are to develop a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the SaaS industry and has always been  targeted at companies and/or software company business units that derive at least 80% of their revenues from sales of SaaS products and services. The latest update to the survey took place in August, 2019.


Our latest surveys comprise up to 163 questions depending on how respondents answered conditional queries. There were 263 respondents, with the single largest group, 67%, reporting their title as owner, founder, president, CEO or related title of their companies. This was followed by 23% identifying themselves as vice president, executive vice-president or director. The balance of respondents were senior managers, CFO’s, COO’s or other mid-level management. Twenty six percent of those taking the survey were international, with representation primarily from Canada, EU countries, and Latin America.


In addition to the summary results, cross tabulation “drill downs” have been incorporated into the report where we felt these could further enlighten companies on important SaaS trends. We invite readers of this report to contact Softletter publisher and managing editor Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman to discuss the results and suggest new areas for survey and investigation. Softletter contact information can be found on our website.

What percentage of your revenues come from international markets?

“The international and export markets are still a large opportunity for Cloud and SaaS companies. These stats when compared with the increasing use of Partner Channel ( now >53%) provide a sales revenue growth opportunity”