The Softletter100 Companies


Financial Analysis of the World’s leading Cloud and SaaS Business

The Softletter 100 contains the latest official results and financial analysis of the leading cloud and SaaS companies, providing you with with instant comparisons to your own performance. In addition to primary data such as revenue, number of employees, operating income and more, critical KPIs such as revenue per employee, cost of sales,  sales and marketing expenditures are presented as  percentages and medians.  The Softletter100 companies are divided into 15 cohorts. The combination enables you to take the guesswork out of your budgets and successfully compete in your market segment against your peers.

The Softletter 100 are all publicly-held companies and most of our basic business metrics are derived from documents these companies are legally required to provide to the US SEC and to their investors. In most cases these are 10-Ks and equivalents, supplemented by expert analysis of the numbers.

The companies in each cohort are picked carefully by Softletter 100 personnel with decades of experience in understanding software company growth. Each company was selected based on size, growth, and potential growth. In every case, our goal is to provide you with a dynamic perspective of a industry and cohort in change.

When needed, companies in the Softletter 100 will be replaced. This may occur because of several reasons, including:

  • A company has been acquired.
  • It has ceased operations (though this is rare).
  • Internal turmoil or market pressure leads us  lead us to believe the company’s numbers aren’t fully reliable.

In all cases, when a company is removed from the Softletter100’s listing, we will tell you why.

The key metrics to help you plan for growth

Revenue results      Operating Income      Operating Income per Employee      Revenue per Employee
Service Margins      Cost of Sales      Days Sales Outstanding      Research and Development
General and Administrative      Number of Employees      Cost of Sales Ratio      Sales and Marketing Ratio     
and many more!

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